India's best rated Boards & Tiles for Wall, Ceiling, Panel Systems. It introduced the innovative Calcium Silicate Board, a versatile building material, using Japanese technology from the ASK Corporation, Japan.Dealer,Manufacturer,India,producers

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India's best rated Boards & Tiles for Wall, Ceiling, Panel Systems

Dry Wall Solutions

Ideal for commercial, industrial or residential usage, Ramco Dry Walls are a boon to architects. Made of calcium silicate board, these solutions offer the best in protection, safety, robustness and versatility.

Ceiling Solutions

With over 50 years of experience of interacting with consumers in the construction and building materials industry, Ramco has garnered a fine understanding of consumer preferences and buying behaviour. This has helped us evolve solutions that cover the entire spectrum of consumer needs.

Acoustic Solutions

Sound. It is all around us. We are so used to it and we take it for granted. We use sound to evoke certain emotional states in us or amongst our audience. But what is the right recipe for sound?


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