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  • Seamless Finish
    Exposed Grid System

    A non-load bearing system which includes Hilux Calcium Silicate Boards fixed to the G.I. frame, is mostly used to provide a suspended false ceiling with seamless finish. It is very easy and fast to erect. It can easily accommodate all type of light and air conditioning fittings.


    Frame Work

    First of all ceiling level is marked on to the wall/partition as per the drawing, leaving a scope for board thickness. G.I. perimeter channel is fixed to the perimeter of the wall/partition with nylon sleeves and wood screws(38 mm long)at 457/610 mm centres, at the above level. Intermediate channel is suspended from the soffit at 1220 mm centres with the help of rowl plug, sofit cleat and the ceiling angle, in one direction. Ceiling sections are attached to the intermediate channel, across to it, by connecting clips at 610 mm centres. The length of ceiling sections or intermediate channels, can be increased by providing an overlap of 6" and are screw fixed at four places.

    Board Fixing

    Hilux Calcium Silicate tapered edge boards of size, 6' x 4' are fixed to the under side of ceiling sections by 25 mm long self drilling & taping screws having Phillips head with under head cutter at 200 mm c/c. The screws should be 15 mm away from the edges and 40 mm from the corners. The square edges of the boards are made tapered (40 x 1.5 mm) or chamfered by 4 x 3 mm at site before fixing. The joints between boards are staggered in brick work style to make the ceiling rigid and properly aligned to the required level.

    Jointing & Finishing

    Hilux Calcium Silicate Board joints are finished with specially formulated jointing compound and 48 mm wide, fiber tape to get seamless finish [more]

    Openings for light fittings, access panels and A/C grills

    Openings for the above can be made by using perimeter channel around the opening and suitably suspending this area by using extra sections to maintain the integrity of the ceiling.

    Access Panel

    Access panels are provided in suspended ceilings for repairs/maintenance purpose of the air condition ducts etc. These can be made by providing additional perimeter channel around the opening and other sections to maintain the integrity of the ceiling. Hilux Calcium Silicate Board is then fixed to the frame work with self drilling screws as shown here under :

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